YayBeads offers high-quality beads. Not ordered by the shipload from overseas, but hand-selected in Tucson and from lapidarists all over the Western United States. In most cases, the photo you see is the bead(s) you will get.

Beads are chosen because their material is rare, their color is exceptional, they have an unusual shape or pattern, or they're just striking! These are not beads you'll find in every strung necklace. These beads will set your jewelry design apart. Materials do matter!

The listings will tell you EXACTLY what you're going to get, but if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask. Need something in particular? Just ask! Even if we don't have it, we may just run across it on our stone-buying travels!

YayBeads prides itself on customer service and getting you the quality beads for your designer jewelry or unique specimens for a conversation-sparking display! Check us out! http://www.yaybeads.com